Driveway and Patio Cleaning 
Give Your Patio a Treat 
Oakwood of Devon offer a comprehensive clean 
and seal service. We have special equipment to 
either seal a new drive, or clean and seal an existing 
Sealed drives will require re-sealing every 3-5 years 
depending on the degree of use. 
Q. Why does my new drive need sealing? 
A. If you are having a new drive installed, consider the benefits of sealing: 
stops moss forming in the joins or pattern features 
stops weed seeds taking hold in the joins 
provides a better run off of rainwater 
resists staining from oil etc. 
Q. Why does my existing drive need cleaning and sealing? 
A. Your drive probably has moss, weeds and stains. 
We will: 
Power clean the area, this removes the joint sand from block drives, which we replace 
seal the drive with special acrylic sealant, which penetrates the surface and provides a lasting protection 
Your drive will then look splendid! No moss, weeds or stains for years. Get your drive looking good and staying good with this service. 
The Clean and Seal Contract 
As a service to customers, Oakwood runs a special scheme to make the clean and seal service effortless and entirely affordable. Here is how it works: 
you pay into a special account via a standing order each month 
this guarantees that the price today is what you pay in (say) 3 years 
your money is not touched until the work is done 
If you move home, you have the choice to have your paving cleaned to help sell your property, or sell-on the scheme and the money in your fund to the house purchaser 
Please ask your surveyor for more details. 
Path Cleaning
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